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Gift Of Love

The gift of love that comes from God
To everyone on earth,
If nutured and cherished, will declare
The sum of our true worth.

But if the gift is heeded not
And not allowed to grow,
How can we teach brotherhood,
If in us, it does not show.

When, if a neighbor we offend
And give him cause to grieve;
And hasten not to seek repair,
We deny what we believe.

In our lives, when, as we learn
Of truth and righteousness;
We do not serve our fellow man,
Than how can we be blessed.

The joys we share, the love we show
To others as we give,
Are reflected in the things we do
And by the way we live.

We dare to hope for better things
And a better way of life,
When we allow our love to shine,
And ignore both hate and strife.

What greater love could come our way
Than with our friends we share,
The gifts of love which we've recieved
And show them that we care.

The gift of Love that comes from God
Instilled in us since birth,
When shared with all, will surely be
The sum of our true worth.

God's Valentine

Gift of Love, written by Gerald R Hill.

God is Love

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