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A Single Red Rose by Gerald R Hill

A Single Red Rose

That time when he first met her,
was she just a fleeting dream?
Would it be a brief encounter,
or more than it would seem?

He could see an inner beauty
with an outward glow so fine.
She had an air of loveliness
that seemed almost divine.

He longed to find an answer
to a way he might impart
the things he'd like to tell her,
what he felt within his heart.

He wasn't very good at stories
or poems he could compose.
What he found would speak volumes,
the gift of a Single Red Rose.

The rose would become the symbol
of a love that would always be,
a love that would last forever;
for time and all Eternity.

The sharing of dreams of a lifetime,
and a family, blessed from above,
would seal their devotion to each other
with the rose as the symbol of their love.

No countless bouquets of flowers
or gifts he might have chose,
could ever show love and devotion
like that of "A Single Red Rose".

By Gerald R. Hill


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