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Little red Hearts 'n' candies too
and Cards are Huge this Day
But what's the True Meaning of Valentines
Just What were they trying to Say?

I Love You Honey! 'Always Will!
You Take my breath away
Ever Since the Day We Met
'Prayed You would come my Way.

'Speaking of Prayer I Thank my Lord
for One As Lovely as You
Each Time You Look In to my Eyes
You Thrill me! Through and through.

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Your Warmth Sincerity are So Real!
They Come Straight from Your Heart
that's Why I Write this Po'm Today
In Hopes 'We'll Never part.

Love's ''True Meaning'' sits right here
as I Gently Hold Your Hand
my Only Hope 's, You Love ME TOO!
and that You Will Understand.

Understand, 'How Bless'd I Feel
to Have You! Here with me
and That SOMEDAY by the Grace of God
'Forever together' We will be.

Happy Valentine's Day! SweetHeart!

Love's True Meaning my Valentine
is a Feeling 'tween You 'n' me
though hidden from view it's me n you
and Only Our God can ''See''.

Poem Composed By © William M. Zimmerman

Featured Art by Michael Cox
Music by Martina McBride

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