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As the waters flow from the rivers to the sea
continuously shaping, changing,
they affect all they touch,
So does my love for thee.

Progressively molding, forming,
affecting my life in every way and so very much.

As the mountains which lay dormant for so very long,
until caressed by the waters rushing through them,
awakened to new life that sweetly flows within.
So is my love for thee

For what has lain dormant for so very long,
until thy gentle kiss,
thy tender touch, thy loving words,
which mean so much.

Caused a river of love to burst forth.
It awakened my heart, my love to a new life.

A life that may never find peace
but in thy loving arms

As the mountains, rivers and waterfalls become one
so must we ~~


Waterfall Poem © CMS
Music "Send Her My Love"



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